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"I guess this is goodbye."- Wholock I's final words.

"WHO ARE YOU?"- Wholock II's first words.

Fall of the First was the final episode of Series 1. It was the final episode to feature Wholock 1. It also introduced Doge into the series for the first time. It was also the first episode to feature to star Tom Le as Sherlock Holmes. In this story, Wholock and Doge must find Sherlock Holmes when he is kidnapped.

Plot Edit

Doge walks into the TARDIS. Doge admits he missed Wholock. Doge notices that the TARDIS has redecorated. Doge decides to go to the moon, and the TARDIS materializes. However, they have not landed on the moon. Instead, they have landed at 221B Baker Street. Wholock tells Doge that they're on a mission. When they enter Sherlock's flat, they do not find Sherlock but a note saying that he was kidnapped. Doge says there's a chance that Sherlock is at U.N.I.T. After searching for Sherlock in London, they enter the TARDIS and dematerialize. The TARDIS Duo materialize on an island, by the shore. They find a secret headquarters underground. After a close encounter with a shut down Dalek, they encounter the Face of Boe.. Wholock decides to go to 3W. When the duo arrive, they saw before them Sherlock Holmes. They explore 3W before heading back to the TARDIS, as there is no need for anything else now that they have found Sherlock. They head back to Baker Street. Wholock goes into his TARDIS to get something, but the TARDIS suffers from a radiation leak. This damages Wholock's cells severely. Doge pleas for Wholock to let him in but he has locked the door. Wholock turns voice interface and tells Doge what has happened. Wholock reasurres Doge that everything will be okay.. "I'm sorry." he says. Wholock's hands start to glow... and for the first time ever, he regenerates. He is now a ginger haired fella. He finally unlocks the door, letting Doge in. "Who are you??" Wholock speaks. Doge is frightened when he sees this stranger. Wholock mistakes Doge for a fairy. Wholock is able to remember Doge's name a few moments after, however. Wholock faints, while the TARDIS dematerializes.... To be continued in Series 2.