Innovation Disaster, (or Disaster Lab as I like to call it.) was the second episode of Series 2. This episode introduced The Librarian, played by Charlie Hudson, and Jake. In this episode, The TARDIS Team goes to Innovation Labs.

Plot Edit

Wholock is repairing the TARDIS, along with a man named The Librarian. Jake is confused. The Librarian explains that Pinewood's been infected with a disease. The Librarian went there in his first incarnation and regenerated. However, his blood has gotten into the power core, causing countless amounts of tsunamis. After The Librarian is almost killed by radiation, they go outside and drive to Innovation Labs. The TARDIS has been cloaked. Wholock, Doge and Jake go vent crawling until they reach the entrance. They go to the Food Labs. They have to wait out there until there is a hole in the wall, where they will escape when the place eventually blows up. They learn that the core will be destroyed soon. Since Jake is a hacker and all that, there is a chance that he can hack into the core. While he's doing it, The Librarian tells them all he's okay, possibly from cell phone.