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New Day was the first episode of Wholock. It was Wholock's official debut on YouTube. It has the most viewers so far. It also introduced Clara. In this story, Wholock and Clara land in an empty house, with a little bit of conflict along the way... It premiered on April 25th, 2015.

Plot Edit

Wholock Holmes and Clara land the TARDIS at a house. They decide to explore it. It's an empty house, and Wholock and Clara split up. Then, when the duo find themselves on a roof, they can't find a way to get down! Wholock deducts that they need to get back to the TARDIS. There's a 50/50 chance that they will survive a jump from the roof. Clara is the first one to jump off the roof and survives, possibly because she landed in dirt. Wholock however, slipped while running off the roof, and loses his balance. Wholock falls on his back, breaking his neck, and he dies. Somehow, a Past Wholock is informed of his death, and he arrives when present Wholock is dead. Clara refuses to believe that the present Wholock is dead, but then accepts it. Past Wholock can't bear to see his friend heartbroken, so he transfers regeneration energy to save him. (This does not change his appearance, however.) the present Wholock awakens and is extremely angry to find his past self, due to the risk of a paradox. To stop the paradox, the duo takes the past self back to the TARDIS and say their goodbyes. Past Wholock's TARDIS dematerializes, and the timeline where Wholock dies erases. The duo decide to head back to the TARDIS and Clara forgets what happened, from the rooftop to Past Wholock leaving. Still, Wholock remembers the events that happened. "Forget about it. Where to?" he tells Clara. They enter the TARDIS and dematerialize.