Olivia is Whorelock's Companion in 'Whorelock: The Animated Series'. She fakes self harm and uses her blades to fight villains that Whorelock faces.

Biography Edit

Meeting Whorelock Edit

Olivia starts off as a cam whore who fakes her age to do shows on Her actual age is 11 whereas she fakes all sorts of ages so she can masturbate her pre-pubescent pussy on camera. During one of these shows, the Reverse Flash tried to kill her but Whorelock materialised the Sex Dungeon around her. Ever since he's kidnapped her to be his sex slave

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Whorelock Edit

She is Whorelocks sex slave.

Doge Edit

She fucked Doge and Whitney Wisconsin at a bar three months prior to her first meeting with Whorelock

Trivia Edit

  • She is into hardcore BDSM
  • She masturbates to bestiality
  • She likes necrophilia (particularly fucking her dead grandmother)