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The Black Hole was the second episode of Series 1. It was the final episode to feature Clara Oswald as a companion, for Kzha Johnson was not online to film. It is an unfinished episode, sadly. In this story, Wholock and Clara go to the moon where they run into a deadly black hole. This is the shortest episode of Wholock, only 11 minutes long. It premiered on April 26th, 2015.

Plot Edit

Wholock asks Clara where to go. Clara wants to go to London, so they materialize. But it's not London they're on. It's the moon! Wholock quickly says "TURN OFF THE POWER!". They turn off the power. Wholock goes outside, but Clara tries to follow him. He wants Clara to stay in the TARDIS. Wholock is unable to get out. And when he does, he is flung off the surface. Luckily, he teleports himself into the TARDIS. Wholock is certain that Clara is no longer safe with him anymore. To save her, he teleports her back to earth, despite her pleas not to send her. Wholock notices Clara is outside, floating in the moon! He now turns it on. He travels in time to save her, but Wholock is frozen in time.

To be continued. Probably never.