Welcome to the WHO(re)LOCK WikiaEdit

Welcome to the Who(re)lock Wikia! This will be a wikia for a database for everything about Who(re)lock, a youtube show created by Brandon Fag, supported by Psychic Sperm. New to the show? I'll explain. Who(re)lock is a series created by Brandon Fag and Rhys Boxballs. Fag plays Who(re)lock, a man who travels in the TARDIS (The Animalistic Rimjobbing Dildo In Semen) . He is on his third incarnation. He travels with Doge Foreskin and has gained a new sex slave- Simon Anals. There have been 3 full seasons, and a fourth series has begun. It's going to be a shit, badly voice acted journey!

All Who(re)lock Episodes in total and Episodes NamedEdit

There has been 25 episodes In total. Now I will be telling you all the episode names ok lets start with Series 1 New Dick, The Black Cock, fall of the fuckboy we are now on Series 2 The Majestic Dickhead, Anus Disaster, Autism, Who(re)lock's Autistic Sex Slave we have now reached to series 3 Cyber Cum, A hound in London, Kinky whips, Back to the porn, infecting down syndromes, The Vagdorica Opens, The masturbating monkeys of Bukkakke Burough and 1 doge 1 screwdriver (Our personal favourite). We are now on the present series, Series 4 now the first episode is The Dentata's Infection, The Second Rape, and Goatse galore.

What Happening right now?Edit

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Doge raping the two Wholocks

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